No Anesthetic, No Sedatives, No Drugs of any kind
Just a Gentle loving cleaning


Anesthetic free teeth cleaning for dogs or cats.It’s surprising how many people forget that pets need regular teeth cleaning and are subject to tartar, plaque, gingivitis and many of same diseases of the teeth and gums as humans.

  • Periodontal disease affects nearly 80 percent of all cats and dogs over the age of three. As with humans, it’s an irreversible condition in which bacteria get under the teeth and cause gum inflammation, eventually leading to loss of bone in the jaw and eventually tooth loss.
  • Oral disease is one of the leading causes of other diseases in pets, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society. Bacteria incubate in the mouth and migrate to other parts of the body, including the heart and other organs.
  • Symptoms of gum disease in dogs and cats include yellow and brown build-up of tartar along the gum line, inflamed gums and persistent bad breath.


Our cleaning method: First of all, we never use any kind of anesthesia, sedatives, or drugs of any kind. We use hand-held tools to remove the hard, scaly calculus(plaque) from your pets teeth. Then we brush them thoroughly and apply an aneseptic wash. More serious conditions, if any, are then noted during the cleaning procedure and are brought to your attention so that you may consult a veterinarian.

The Cost: From $85 to $105 depending on the condition of your pets teeth. We do offer a bi-monthly rate of $75



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