How long have you been grooming?  We have been in the mobile grooming business since March of 1990, but Patty has been grooming since she was a little girl and her parent owned a grooming shop on Santa Monica Blvd. Curt went to grooming school for 2 years and worked under the tutelage of Patty for 2 more years.

Will you be the one grooming my pet? Yes, you will always get either Curt or Patty depending on their schedules.

Do you groom cats? Yes, we do, call for prices

How long does the grooming take? Anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the size, condition, hair length, clipping etc.(some very big or hairy dogs may take longer).

Do you use warm water? Yes we have 60 gallons of fresh heated water.

I'd like my dog groomed on a regular schedule can you set that up? Yes we'd be happy to, we can leave you an appointment card and even give you a reminder call.

How often should my dog be groomed? Well I don't know about you,but my dogs start to, well smell  like dirty dogs after about 2 weeks, about 65% of our clients go every other week,about 15% weekly and the remainder monthly.

Doesn't frequent bathing dry out the skin and coat? No, No, No, We have been grooming many dogs weekly since we started this business and we have NEVER seen dry skin or coat because of frequent bathing, on the contrary most Veterinarians will want you to have your pet bathed more often when your pet gets dry or itchy skin.

You clean teeth without anesthetics? Yes, we do a thourough cleaning using hand tools, much like your own dentist.

How long does it take to clean the teeth Generally it takes about 45 minutes for a full cleaning. About 20 minutes for a bi-monthly maintenance.

How do dogs react to having their teeth cleaned without anesthesia? Most do quite well, it's not a painful process and it's over with before they know it. However there are those dogs that can be difficult and the cleaning may have to be done in two sessions.

What if my dogs teeth are really in bad shape? If theres any gum problems, loose teeth, or the dogs just to difficult to handle, you will be reffered to a local Vet.

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