Grooming Customer Testimonials

I have been using Curt and Patty's service for about 6 years now. I love them, and their service, I refer them to all my family and friends. I guess the part I like best about their mobile service is my Charlie is never caged(he hates being caged) and he's in and out in 45 minutes, I love that. Thanks Curt and Patty!


Carol Goldstein, Beverly Hills

What a neat service, no more feeling guilty for leaving my dogs at the grooming shop all day. I hated the fact that they were left in cages all day. I thank my vet for referring Curt and Patty everytime I see her. Thanks for taking good care of my dear pets.

Susan Jacobs, W, Los Angeles

I want to personally thank you for making my life a little easier! My time is important to me so anytime I can save some, I'm happy. I tried about three or four mobile groomers before I found Curt and Patty. Finally someone who's there when they say their going to be there, and best of all they do a GREAT JOB!

Ron Doheny, Bel Air

Great friendly service, their always on time, and they do a wonderful job. I recommend them highly, 5 stars. 

Beverly Owens, Encino

I have been using Curt for 14 years and he is by far the best groomer I ever used and before I found him my dog had her eyes poked by 2 different groomers and we had to go to the vet for treatment. Curt groomed her for the rest of her life 9 years and there was never a problem. He currently grooms all 3 of my dogs including a new puppy who’s a wiggler and he has no problem whatsoever in handling and doing a proficient job. All my dogs love Curt. He’s a rare find.

Claire Stokes of Burbank, CA